Perfect Glasses For Every Face Shape | How To Pick

Perfect Glasses For Every Face Shape | How To Pick

When I was a teenager I was desperate to wear glasses. In fact, I once got thrown out of a changing room in Macys for taking selfies (before selfies were even a thing) wearing a cool pair of glasses. I'm sure the shop assistant thought I was trying to steal the design of the clothes but really I was jut having fun with some fab frames. But then I got a little older, make that a lot older, and actually needed glasses to see. Suddenly they weren't so cool anymore. That was until I realised that glasses can change up your look as quickly as donning a fab new outfit or wearing a bold lipstick. They're now one of my favourite fashion accessories and it's safe to say I really #LoveGlasses. And whether you wear glasses every day or just throw on a pair sometimes the frames you choose will dictate the way the world sees you AND more importantly, how you see yourself.

That's why I wanted to share a few of my top tips for how to pick the perfect frames for YOUR face. So whether you have a round face, square face, long face or oval face - these tips will help you find the perfect frames for you.

I hope you enjoy this video and thanks for watching.


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