15 Types of Modeling | What Type Of Model Are You?

15 Types of Modeling | What Type Of Model Are You?

In the video today we go over the 15 types of modeling which are:
Fashion Model
Runway Model
Swimsuit Model
Commercial Model
Fitness Model
Fitting Model
Parts Model
Promotional Model
Glamour Model
Mature Model
Petite Model
Plus Size Model
Freelance Model
Influencer Model

If you've wanted to learn how to be a model, modeling height requirements, or the categories of modeling, this video will be helpful.

Don't forget that to break into modeling sometimes it is easiest to first learn how to be a promo model or how to be a hand model. These can open the door to other jobs.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the types of modeling for females. Some think there are 13 types of modeling, while others think there are 14 types of modeling, we've settled on 15, with the addition of influencers. Some of the modeling categories are up for interpretation though.

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